PHONE:  1–610–408–8922  


"We appreciate your professionalism and the care you take when considering our needs. Thanks for all the outstanding work you provided hereís to a great upcoming year!"

"Thanks Chad, It is always a pleasure to work with you!!"

"Itís always a pleasure to work with you Chad. I expect to produce more great art with you in 2012 as well!"

"The guy that does my direct mail is Chad Morris 610-408-8922. He is wonderful and has made a huge contribution to my success. I have copied Chad on this message with the hope that you get to meet."

"A truly remarkable resource for any business to tap. Chad has repeatedly delivered solutions that are on-time, under-budget and most importantly - as (if not better) than conceived."

"We love ya, we owe you one, you'll hear from us soon."

"Just wanted to let you know the brochure looks great, we got compliments on the stock & finish.  Karen's taking it around to all the Account Managers to share.   Also on a similar note we're entering the bi-fold postcard from February into this year's Communication Excellence Awards."

To someone's friend...." I wanted to let you know of a Printer, Chad Morris of Morris Print Management, Inc.  I have worked with him for almost 10 years and wanted to make sure you know of him as well.  He does great work , is fast, dependable, does rush jobs, and actually will look at the stuff before it gets printed!"

"Everyone loved the pocketfolder and thought it turned out beautifully. We did a great job together, didn't we!"

"Our President commented to my boss that this was the best one so far. They loved the quality and
the paper stock"

"Your price was the best and you have the job. It will be ready tomorrow."

"Now that the dust has settled I want to send my personal thanks to Chad Morris and all of the people who helped me produce this yearís annual report. It is the best we have ever had!"

"Thank you for giving my guys good options. They are not as seasoned as you are in this field and
they look forward to your input so they can do what is best for their clients."

"Thanks so much for making this first year in my new job so pleasant. I couldnít have
done it without your help."

"Chad, I passed your name on to my friend because of your trustworthiness, problem solving ability
and delivery of service. She will be contacting you shortly."

"One of your customers says you are so excellent that I need to get you some work."

"Thanks so much on this project, I know where my next job is going..."

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